Friday, 30 October 2009

Joe McElderry is favourite to win...

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As the acts prepare for Rock week Geordie Joe McElderry is still favourite to win the whole thing according to the bookies.

Joseph McElderry Odds: 4.7
Olly Murs Odds: 4.9
Danyl Johnson Odds: 6
Stacey Solomon Odds: 8.4
Lucie Jones Odds: 7.6
Jamie "Afro" Archer Odds: 11
John and Edward Odds: 20
Lloyd Daniels Odds: 34
Rachel Adedeji Odds: 40

For the less weirdly amongst us, what does this mean?

Well if you are convinced the bookies have got it all wrong and for instance fancy that Rachel still has what it takes to defy the odds and win, you can not only prove the bookies wrong but also win some cash to celebrate with in the process.

How do you do it ?

Click here to register to Bet at Betfair!

Once you've register head over to the X-Factor section. To do that click on the Sports section and on the right hand side look for Special Bets menu, click and head to the X-Factor 2009 section.

If you place say £25 on Rachel to win and she does, not only would you enjoy the victory of your favourite but you walk away with £1000. £975 profilt plus you £25 back and its tax free,



  1. I honestly think Joe mcelderry is going to win. Jedward are pure entertainment but he is a dark horse. Joe Mcelderry

  2. Joe's got a good shot at winnning, but my feeling is that when it comes to the last three will his personality be strong enough to sway the floating voters.