Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Joe McElderry finally gets his solo N0.1

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Joe McElderry finally gets his solo N0.1

Joe McElderry winner of X-Factor 2009 has finally claimed his long awaited stint at the top of the charts with début single The Climb.

His success comes after he missed out on the Christmas N0.1 spot to an internet campaign which saw him beaten by US rockers Rage Against The Machine.

Joe learned of his delayed ascent to the top spot as he began a family ski trip in Austria yesterday.

A week after the top two singles almost sold one million copies between them, McElderry sold 195,729 this week, with Rage's Killing In The Name could only sell a smaller but still respectable 69,000 units

It was still enough to secure second place, Rage may also have benefited from its airing on the Top Of The Pops Christmas Day special.

McElderry's X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole is at No.4 with her song 3 Words, outsold five-to-one by her protege, behind Lady GaGa in at No.3 with Bad Romance.

An overjoyed McElderry told The Sun: 'I am so happy that the single is at No.1. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me.

'This has been the best Christmas ever and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.'

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Joe McElderry has not heard Rage Against the Machine

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Joe McElderry has never heard Rage Against The Machine

Joe McElderry has revealed that he has not heard rival single Rage Against The Machine (RATM). Joe's Single Climb is in a fierce battle with RATM's Killing in the name for the Christmas No 1. RATM is currently leading the battle to be No.1, but it is expected that the release of Joe's CD on Wednesday will swing the final result in his favour.

In an interview with the BBC Joe admitted he had not heard his rival's track.

"I haven't heard it," he said, adding: "I need to listen to it. I have not heard it yet but I'll have to have a listen." Joe explained that he is "not a rocker kind of guy" and that he mainly listens to "new chart stuff [by] all different kinds of artists".

The X-Factor added: "Obviously I would love, love, love a number one but it's out of my hands. I can only go and promote the single and that’s all I can do. "If I could get a number one, it would be amazing. I'm just gonna work hard and try my best, that's all I can do. Good luck to [Rage Against The Machine] as well."

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The moment he won !

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Most of us probably were amongst the 17 million people that watched on our TVs as Joe McElderry beat Olly Murs in the final of the X-Factor.

We probably shouted and cheered but I doubt if many households were celebrating as wildly as the good People of South Shields.

This report from the BBC follows the regulars at the Old Ship, Joe's family's local and the Newcastle college were Joe was a student, and their reactions the moment when the winner was announced.

See the videos at BBC Newcastle


Monday, 14 December 2009

Joe up for $5m US deal

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The London paper the Metro is reporting Joe McElderry may be close to signing a US $5m deal. According to the newspaper, X-Factor boss Simon Cowell is planning to take Joe to US and turn him into the new Zac Efron.

The papers claims executives from three major TV networks in the USA have contacted Simon and keen to see Joe take over from former teenage idol Efron, who has made millions from the High School Musical films.

If the deal comes through it will see former student Joe's net worth soar to an estimated £4m as he is already guaranteed a £1m contract for winning last weekend's X-Factor final.

Joe McElderry's route to victory....

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The Details of the public votes for the sixth series of the X-Factor have been released and we can track Joe McElderry' path to glory.

So what did Joe sing and what was his position

Week 1

"No Regret" : Postion 3rd --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 2

"Where Do Broken Hearts Go" : Position 4th --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 3

"Sway" : Position 2nd --- Click to buy (69p @ Amazon)

Week 4

"Don't Stop Believin'" : Position 3rd --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 5

"Circle of Life" : Position 2nd --- Click to buy (69p @ Amazon)

Week 6

"Somebody to Love" : Position 2nd --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 7

"Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" : Position 1st --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 8

"Could It Be Magic" : Position 1st --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Week 9

"She's Out of My Life" : Position 1st --- Click to buy (69p @ Amazon)

"Open Arms" --- Click to buy (69p @ Amazon)

Week 10 (Semi-finals / Final) : Winner

"Dance with My Father" --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

"Don't Stop Believin'" --- Click to buy (79p @ Amazon)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Joe McElderry has the X-FACTOR!!!!!!

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Yes...Joe McElderry has tonight won the X-Factor. We knew he would and are thrilled for the young lad from South Shields.

and at the end of the show he performed what is guaranteed to be a no.1 his debut single "The Climb".... and it is available to buy on Amazon now!

Joe McElderry is through to the Finals

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It was a night to remember as Joe McElderry stormed through to the finals of the TV Talent show X-Factor and barring a huge upset looks set to be crowned tonight as the winner of X-Factor 2009.

The semi-finals pitched Joe against Essex lad Olly Murs and the diva from Dagenham Stacey Solomon and it also saw the semi finalists perform duets with celebrities. Stacey sang Feeling Good with Micheal Bublé, Olly Murs performed Angels with Robbie Williams, while Joe and George Micheal performed Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

It all came down to the public and when the votes were counted, it was sadly the end of the road for Stacey with Olly and favourite Joe left to battle it out tonight to decide who will be crowned X-Factor winner 2009.

The songs sang tonight

Wonderful World (Buy it from Amazon)

Dance With My Father (Buy it from Amazon)

Superstition (Buy it from Amazon)


Stacey AND Michael Buble
Feeling Good (Buy it from Amazon)

Joe AND George Michael
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Buy it from Amazon)

Olly AND Robbie Williams
Angels (Buy it from Amazon)


Who Wants To Live Forever (Buy it from Amazon)

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Buy it from Amazon)

Fool In Love (Buy it from Amazon)


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Joe McElderry mania sweeps South Shields

It is probably safe to say that there are lot of people in the UK (and the world even) who had not heard of the Tyneside town of South Shields before these last few weeks.

However the extraordinary success of local lad Joe McElderry on the TV talent show the X-Factor has propelled the town into the spotlight and the residents are understandabley proud of this achievement.

Joe McElderry mania has taken over South Shields with everyone from the Joe's former school, local businesses and the town's Mayor urging Joe on to victory.

BBC Tyneside's Kristie Kinghorn reports on the pride this little corner of England's north-east feels for a local lad done good...South Shields backs X Factor's Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry has got the X-Factor

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As we head towards the final of the X-Factor, barring a major upset it is looking increasingly likely that young Joe McElderry will next winner of the TV talent competition.

BBC Tyneside's Kristie Kinghorn has gone back to Joe's hometown of South Shields to speak to his mum Eileen Joyce on what she thinks about her son's new found fame.

Eileen is understandably proud remarking in the interview "I'm dead proud of him. He has never done a singing lesson and his voice is totally natural. I knew he could do it."

She tells Kristie how she had to persuade him to audition again for the X-Factor after having been previously rejected, talks about the rapport between Joe and his mentor Cheryl Cole and how Joe's success has helped her in job as the head of the behavioural unit at the local college.

You can read the interview in full here

Friday, 20 November 2009

Joe's name goes up in lights

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The people of Jarrow have decided to celebrate Joe McElderry's success in the X-Factor in a special way.

The 18-year-old's face will be projected on to South Shields Town Hall, along with messages encouraging South Tynesiders to pick up the phone and vote for him.

Joe said: "I'd heard they were going to put my face on the town hall. That's amazing."

The series of images and messages will go up on the Westoe Road landmark between 5pm and 8pm on Saturday, after the Christmas lights are switched on by The Cheeky Girls.

Joe's mum Eileen Joyce, a youth worker, said: "It's totally bizarre, but it's great they have taken up the cause.

"Joe thinks it's fantastic how much the borough's getting behind him.

"When he came home on Tuesday he got to see it for himself, posters in people's windows, and I was showing him all the recent Gazette cuttings.

"He was quite shocked. It's massive."

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Come Dine With Me X-Factor Style with Cheryl, Joe and Lloyd

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It seems the Judges rivalry isn't just limited to the singing competition as it seems Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue are indulging a little of "Come Dine With Me" type competition.

Come Dine With Me has been a cult hit, the show involves people cooking for strangers in a competitive atmosphere and that seems what Cheryl and Dannii are doing just that, although the amount of cooking they will do themselves is will vary.

Cheryl Cole has reportedly invited Joe McElderry and Lloyd Daniels to her house for dinner and promised the boys to cook her legendary Spag Bol if they survived the vote off this week.

“Cheryl offers incentives to make sure they do their best each week,” a Newspaper source said. “This week it’s an invite to her house. She said she’d cook anything they wanted – as long as it’s spag bol. It’s her speciality.”

Dannii on the other hand has said she will take Lucie Jones, Stacey Solomon and former contestant Rachel Adedeji out for dinner this week.

Nothing from Louis or Simon yet...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Favourite Joe was angelic child

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Joe is the kind of guy who no one ever has a bad word to say about him, and pictures from his family album suggest it has been this way for quite a while.

An early photo reveals Joe, as a toddler, as the happy-go-lucky lad he has become.

The 18-year-old shows his gentle spirit as he poses with him mum, Eileen Joyce on a beach in the North East.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

"X-Factor is freak show to promote Cheryl Cole"

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So says Pete Waterman the 80's mega producer and judge on Pop Idol, the predecessor to the X-Factor.

In an interview with the Independent newspaper he was scathing about the programme and how it's focus is on the Judges not the contestants.

He was particularly unhappy about how people like Cheryl Cole mentor to Joe McElderry have benefited from the show

"The problem for me is that kids believe that this is a talent show. It's not. It's a freak and geek show. It's about ratings," he said.

"That Cheryl Cole has sold more downloads as the judge than the winner of The X Factor proves that it's a bigger promotion for the judges than it is the contestants on the show."

"I never watch The X Factor. I don't watch it because I was on the original Pop Idol show and I walked off the second series on principle.

"The first Pop Idol was about music, but the shows have got worse. It is not about talent, it's about television and spectacle. I'd rather make a programme about railways."

"The credit in the first Pop Idol goes to the people who trawled through and edited the performances, picking a balance between fun and talent. But that all went out of the window on Pop Idol 2. You had to have someone who cried, someone who died, someone with one leg.

"I get so many people writing to me saying, 'I've been on The X Factor, will you listen to my songs?' No! The show has produced people that others want to talk about but if they're as great as everyone says, they'd be selling 20 million albums."

Waterman was a judge on Pop Idol, forerunner of The X Factor, and on Popstars: The Rivals, the show which created Girls Aloud and catapulted Cole to fame.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Joe McElderry rumoured to be in the bottom 3 last week,

Another week another set of result leaks

It seems either some people are enjoying taking the mickey out of X-Factor views or the show has more leaks than a Welsh allotment. According to the latest leaks Joe McElderry was in the bottom three of the public vote last weekend, only narrowly ahead of Lloyd Daniel and Rachel Adedeji.

And if that was not enough of a surprise apparently Danyl Johnson topped the voting. The report also claims that twins John and Edward Grimes were placed second as a result of the public vote, while Olly Murs came third and Lucie Jones came fourth.

Jamie Archer and Stacey Solomon were in fifth and sixth place respectively, according to the same article.

Before Danyl's fans head off to celebrate or Joe's wallow in despair It is worth remembering that there were wildly different press reports about the vote for the twins and Rachel over the last couple of weeks.

Really it isn't over, till its over.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be the first to get the X-Factor 2009 single - 'You Are Not Alone'

Every year the X-Factor contestants come together to record a charity single and this year's single is almost ready.

The Single features all 12 of the X-Factor Finalists

Danyl Johnson
Lloyd Daniels
Lucie Jones
Jamie "Afro" Archer
Joe McElderry
John and Edward Grimes (The Twins)
Kandy Rain (Coco, Azi, Khatereh, Chemmane)
Miss Frank (Graziella, Shar, Shaniece)
Olly Murs
Rachel Adedeji
Rikki Loney
Stacey Solomon
The song, a cover of Michael Jackson's You are not alone, will raise vital funds for the Great Ormond Hospital in London which over the years has treated thousands of children from the UK and across the world. A powerful message that no matter how bad things are they are not alone.

To order your copy:

Click to buy the X-Factor Charity Single from (Free Delivery available)

Not less than £1 from the sale of each CD will be paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Be part of what will be one of the biggest charity drives in the UK this year by ordering the Single which will be released on November 16th

Friday, 30 October 2009

Joe McElderry is favourite to win...

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As the acts prepare for Rock week Geordie Joe McElderry is still favourite to win the whole thing according to the bookies.

Joseph McElderry Odds: 4.7
Olly Murs Odds: 4.9
Danyl Johnson Odds: 6
Stacey Solomon Odds: 8.4
Lucie Jones Odds: 7.6
Jamie "Afro" Archer Odds: 11
John and Edward Odds: 20
Lloyd Daniels Odds: 34
Rachel Adedeji Odds: 40

For the less weirdly amongst us, what does this mean?

Well if you are convinced the bookies have got it all wrong and for instance fancy that Rachel still has what it takes to defy the odds and win, you can not only prove the bookies wrong but also win some cash to celebrate with in the process.

How do you do it ?

Click here to register to Bet at Betfair!

Once you've register head over to the X-Factor section. To do that click on the Sports section and on the right hand side look for Special Bets menu, click and head to the X-Factor 2009 section.

If you place say £25 on Rachel to win and she does, not only would you enjoy the victory of your favourite but you walk away with £1000. £975 profilt plus you £25 back and its tax free,


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Visit to Childrens Hospital leaves Joe close to tears

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The X-Factor contestants took time of from their endless cycles of rehearsals and performances to pay a visit to the Great Ormond Childrens Hospital in London. Jamie "Afro" Archer, 34, Joe McElderry, 18, Olly Murs, 25, Danyl Johnson, 27, Lloyd Daniels, 16, joined Stacey Solomon, 20, and Lucie Jones, 18 all made the trip

The boys including Joe struggled to hold back their tears during an emotional trip.

Jamie said: “I’m trying to hold it together. The last thing they need is for me to be weeping.

All the contestants will be performing charity single You Are Not Alone, in aid of the hospital, on the X Factor on November 15.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Joe McElderry in tanbourine bust up with Lucie Jones

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It seems things are getting tense on the X-Factor show. Welsh singer Lucie Jones was left in 'agony' after she was struck in the face by a tambourine by show rival Joe McElderry back stage during rehearsals.

Lucie was said to have cried out in pain after the Joe accidentally struck her with a tambourine. Injured Lucie was left stunned, wondering whether her nose had been broken after she reportedly crying out: 'Ouch! What the hell did you do that for? It really hurt.'

She has now been left with a bruise on her nose which is going to have to be covered up by 'extra-thick' make-up. Mortified McElderry raced to apologise for his careless fling and 'kept apologising'.

But his pleas seemingly didn't go down too well with Jones. An insider told The Sun: 'Lucie looked very miffed, even though Joe obviously didn't mean it.'

Friedman: 'Cheryl is making big mistakes'

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X-Factor creative director Brian Friedman has sensationally claimed that Cheryl Cole will not be The X Factor's winning judge this year. Cheryl who mentors Joe McElderry was accused of making poor contestant choices.

Friedman told the Daily Star: "Cheryl made some very big errors of choice this year and I don't think she'll win."

He continued: "I think Cheryl went for people who would win votes instead of the better singers, but I think she made a mistake. I would have put Ethan Boroian and Duane Lamonte through.

"I don't think Cheryl is pushing them enough. I don't think she is choosing the right songs."

Cole lost her first act on the second week as Rikki Loney was voted off the competition leaving her with Joe and Lloyd Daniels

The Girls Aloud star guided Alexandra Burke to victory on the programme last year who has gone one to score two No1's in the singles chart.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Joe McElderry gets support from the USA.

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Joe McElderry is now hotly tipped to win the X-Factor and his new found fame is winning him fans from far a wide. Joe is already something of a folk hero in his home town of South Shields, and if that is not enough he now winning fans from across the Atlantic.

The Shields Gazette reports that they recieved an e-mail from American Nello Pozzobon who claimed "Joe McElderry has a lot of fans here in the USA and we're rooting for him, so will you please mail us a Go Joe! poster."

Now I don't want to be a spoilsport but I do think the paper might have just carried away a teeny weeny bit....